telehealth billing services

The importance of establishing Medical Necessity when coading and billing for Telehealth.



As part of the ongoing telehealth services happening nationwide, MEDI BILL works for clinicians to get them paid as soon as they render services. Telehealth in Medicare is where we address your financial independence for increased collections and the survival of your practice.

A distinguished billing service that does everything to improve provider experience, practice management, and staff burden speeds up the healing process consistently.

COVID-19 pandemic is a time of great need in which we’d like to unburden physicians and speciality clinicians from their revenue cycle management duties. In this way, not only do they serve the population with ultimate care specifics, but take America out of this disaster in one piece.

Is telemedicine a way to avert the crisis?


Together we can overcome any obstacle thrown at us; if this pandemic is still far from over, speedy, and meaningful reimbursements can raise telemedicine’s status to a lifesaver. Most clinicians turn to Zoom as the go-to telehealth app to meet and treat. Call or email us to make the most of CMS’ telehealth 2020 guidelines.