15% Guarantee

Net Cash Improvement of at least 15% in six months or you'll get 15% OFF your invoice back.

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Thinking about outsourcing your billing, but you aren’t sure where to start? Let us help ease your mind. We’ll make sure you get a 15% net cash improvement in six months with us, or we’ll give you a 15% discount off your monthly invoice!

Our laser-focused strategy on operational efficiency and client relationship management is what makes MEDIBILL different from other revenue cycle partners. No company is more focused on the ins-and-outs of the physician revenue cycle. We reso confident we’re willing to give you money back if we don’t meet our goals.

Improvement is based on the baseline average of your past 12 months of operation and adjusted according to your patient volume.



Through high-level data mining, intuitive reporting, and aggressive claim follow-up, our HIPAA compliant billing service can recover your uncollected money.

Entrusting your medical billing to our team of medical reimbursement specialists ensures that your claims are submitted correctly in a timely manner, each and every time. Unlike most billing company that provides one standard set of reports, Medi Bill can fully customize reports specifically tailored to the needs of your practice. Our online reports give you a clear analysis of the revenue cycle in your practice. Our technologically advanced billing system, combined with extensive years of medical billing experience will give you peace of a mind, while generating continual cash flow. Medi Bill is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, and stays up to date with changes in Medicare compliance guidelines.

Improved Financials

We understand your business isn't about numbers it's about patients. And yet, better numbers translate into better care for patients and better health for your business. Give us a call today and discuss a plan to get your business where it should be.

Hassle Free Billing

More than 25% of lost practice revenue comes from poor medical billing and revenue cycle management practices. We are experts in tracking all the details, so your claims get submitted and paid correctly on time.

Actionable Analytics

Learn how to grow your TOP Line. Medical Practice Success combines the right processes of business intelligence tools and analytics to give you the best optics, and we assist you with improving your financial outcomes.

Proactive Support

We give you the reporting you need to make sure your company is operating at optimal performance. In addition, our teams of experts review key performance metrics and proactively notify you if performance is not consistent with your goals.

Real-time tracking

We are pleased to offer custom, easy-to read reports for your Medical Practice. With the help of interactive charting. these reports are a powerful analytic tool to combine with revenue cycle management,provider performance, Insurance reimbursements, and more.

Client Support

Medibill is all about quality service. Not only we enjoy helping our clients with their billing processes and generating revenue, but also being available whenever they need us to be.



Our Revenue Optimization Program focuses on ensuring your organization is operating at its highest level. 

Revenue Cycle

Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice, we can help you achieve advance business performance with our medical billing revenue cycle management service.

Medical Credentialing
and contracting

  We take care of the expansive paperwork, eliminate confusion and follow-up with insurance companies, and continue until the job is finished.


 The importance of establishing Medical Necessity when coading and billing for Telehealth.

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 Stay updated with the latest trends and useful, relevant information in billing and practice management space.

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